• United Security Bank's primary customers are individuals, as well as small business and commercial clients located primarily in Fresno and Madera Counties. Business customers annual sales range from $250 thousand to $10 million, with credit needs ranging from $25 thousand to $10 million.
  • United Security Bank offers a wide range of loan and deposit products, including Internet banking, to both individuals and businesses. Commercial real estate and construction development lending comprise a substantial part of United Security’s core business. Small business financing and indirect broker referred home improvement lending are other areas where we specialize.
  • Because United Security is a local independent bank, the business and local community knowledge possessed by our management and staff enables United Security Bank to make informed decisions, offer superior service, and anticipate the financial needs of customers in the communities we serve. Decisions are made locally and quickly by staff who believe in offering the very best personalized service to their clients.
  • The business strategy of United Security Bank is focusing on increased market share in the communities we serve, and expanding into new markets when sound strategic opportunities present themselves. This growth strategy is based on enhancing shareholder value through increased and consistent profitability and planned asset management.
  • Superior financial results are achieved through planned growth in assets, and consistent growth in earnings and dividends to our shareholders. Stability is the key to our success. It is reflected in the way we manage our loan portfolio, control costs, show profitability, and demonstrate capital strength. Stability in growth and earnings are ultimately reflected in the our stock price.
  • The stock of United Security Bancshares is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol “UBFO”. Market makers for the stock include Hoefer & Arnett, The Seidler Companies, and Hill Thompson, Magid & Company. Contact investor relations at the United Security Bank, or your broker for further information.
  • Yes, we offer a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and any shareholder may participate. This allows you to automatically reinvest the quarterly cash dividend from your shares without the cost of a dealers commission. Everything is done automatically for you - all you have to do is sign up! In addition, the plan offers stock certificate safekeeping, fractional share investing, shareholder statements and automatic investing by electronic charge to your bank account.